Made to measure timber frame structures for Houses, Extensions, Commercial construction and more


Lakeland Timber Frame supports the Environment,  Sustainable Forestry and Energy Conservation. The timber used by Lakeland Timber Frame comes from sustainable and managed forests.  The origins and chain of custody of the timber, between forest and workshop is certificated through:

Increasingly, the value of timber frame construction is recognised and appreciated in an environmental context.  Timber has been used in building in most parts of the world for thousands of years and it is a natural, renewable and easy to use material.  The use of timber as a renewable resource, by definition encourages and sustains forestry, which is essential to the natural management of carbon and the generation of oxygen on the planet.

Sustainable Forestry

Forests are the lungs of our planet, producing much of its oxygen supply.  They are also vital wildlife habitats.  Even though commercial softwood plantations are less beneficial than established hardwood forests, many organisations are working to make timber production more environmentally beneficial and sustainable.  Not only does a forest or plantation produce a net output of oxygen but also its product is renewable as felled trees are replaced by new planting.  Want to find out more?  Visit some of the sites below.

Energy Conservation

Timber frame houses are better insulated than many houses built by other methods.  Their insulation values well exceed the relevant building regulations and fuel savings of around 40%, compared with more ‘traditional’ buildings, are not unusual.  Improving the insulation of houses not only generates considerable savings for the homeowner but also contributes to conserving the use of energy and saving the environment.  It has been estimated that 70% of domestic energy consumption is devoted to heating.
An energy audit of timber as a building material reveals two major environmental benefits.

Less non-renewable energy is used in the production of timber compared to steel or concrete based building materials. 
Timber based buildings lock up carbon and preserve it from being oxidised through rotting or burning which often offsets the oxygen producing benefits of tree growth.

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