Made to measure timber frame structures for Houses, Extensions, Commercial construction and more

What We Do

Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame is a highly respected and a tried and tested method of construction. Its use dates back over a thousand years in the UK and it is the prevalent form of house construction in Scandinavia, North America and New Zealand. Contemporary timber frame is a method rapidly gaining in popularity as an excellent basis for house building. Timber framed houses frequently look like more traditionally built houses because the outer wall encasing the frame can be of any material, including stone, bricks, rendered blockwork or wood. The difference lies with the structural external and internal walls, where an engineered wooden frame filled with insulation material replaces concrete blocks.

The Process

At Lakeland Timber Frame, the process begins in consultation with you and on the drawing board. We will use the architect’s drawings as a basis for designing the timber frame fabrication of the structure and model it on our in-house CAD system. Checks and further consultation will take place at this stage to establish that the design is structurally sound and to initiate the construction process.

After manufacturing the frame and timber components in our workshops, we can assemble the frame rapidly on site, using our own team of joiners. When the erection of the timber frame is finished, the structure will be complete and ready for the roof covering. Usually within 3 – 10 working days, depending on the size, the building can be made weather tight and secure. Thereafter internal and external finish can proceed simultaneously, resulting in a quick and efficient build. The open frames allow easy access for the purpose of insulation, lighting, heating and plumbing engineers. There are many examples of successfully completed projects, in many areas of the country, from Scotland to the South Coast.

Our domestic projects have included detached and semi-detached houses, extensions, multi storey apartments, town houses and courtyard style developments.
Our commercial portfolio includes an NHS Hospital Trust special unit, a day nursery, a youth centre, various office and workshop premises and log clad lodges.